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Trip Rate Calculator
Now Online

Calculating your tolls is easier than ever with the NTTA’s trip rate calculators, now online at

That means no more adding up the rates for each entry or exit. Instead, simply select the chart for the roadway you intend to travel.  Once the chart appears, simply select your starting point on the left side of the chart, and find your destination across the top of the chart. Your trip rate is the point where the two lines intersect. TollTag rates are listed in black. Cash and ZipCash rates are listed in red.

The NTTA adopted influence-distance based tolling that better reflects the distance you travel. Rates at all gantries have been calculated based upon a distance that closely aligns the amount drivers pay with how far they drive. This tolling method is consistent with the tolling plan on the Sam Rayburn Tollway and is considered a more equitable method for tolling.

TollTag rates on the Mountain Creek Lake Bridge, Addison Airport Tunnel and the Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge remain the same, but cash rates have increased. Rates for a one-way trip are as follows:

• Mountain Creek Lake Bridge: TollTag, $.50/Cash $.75
• Addison Airport Toll Tunnel: TollTag $.50/Cash $.75
• Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge: TollTag $1.00/ZipCash $1.50

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